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Your Perfect Swing

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Every golfer has an ideal swing based on natural tendencies, physical strengths, and desired shot pattern, which is why copying friends or favorite players usually doesn't work. In Your Perfect Swing, leading PGA instructor Dr. Jim Suttie shows you how to identify your tendencies and master a swing that's consistent and repeatable under pressure.


Suttie's award-winning teaching system will show you how to -match the feel for your swing with the actual mechanics; -find your physical power source and use it to build a fundamentally sound swing; -select from 13 pro models that share your power source and reinforce your ideal swing pattern; -recognize patterns based on ball flight, divots, and club selection in order to make adjustments during a round or on the range; -customize your swing based on personal preference and on-course situations; and -use the 14 key swing positions as a maintenance tool to keep your swing on track. Don't waste time practicing the wrong swing for your game. Get Your Perfect Swingand unlock the natural swing that will help you become the best player possible.

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Ondertitel Nee
Auteur Jim Suttie
Uitgever Human Kinetics
ISBN/ EAN 9780736034234
EAN 9780736034234
Jaar Nee
Taal Engels
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Druk 1
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