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Official Guide to the Rules of Golf (vh Decisions Book)

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Following seven years of consultations, on 1st January 2019 the governing bodies of the Rules of golf will implement the most comprehensive Rules changes seen in the game for 37 years. In a bid to make the Rules more accessible and straightforward The R&A and USGA have reworded every Rule and made alterations that will affect the way every golfer in the world plays the game - some 60 million people. The Rules will be reduced from 34 to 24 and some of the changes will create ripples throughout the world of sport. They include: Reduction of 'ball moved' penalties. Relaxed putting green rules. Relaxed bunker rules. A bigger reliance on a player's 'reasonable judgment'. Reduced search times. The abandonment of the 'furthest from the hole plays first' etiquette in favour of 'ready golf'. Relaxed procedure for dropping the ball. The book will also include modified rules for players with disabilities and guidelines for committees. This is the Rules book that every serious golfer will need.

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Ondertitel Nee
Auteur R and A
Uitgever R and A
ISBN/ EAN 9780600635703
EAN 9780600635703
Jaar 2018
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Ringband
Druk 1
Illustraties ja
Aantal Pagina's 538