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Early Golf

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This book is the only histically correct account of the development of the sport in the Low Countries, commencing in the year 1297.


Leaving legend and lore apart the many medieval facts and records go back much further in time than anything produced on the subject in Scotland. The book is also unique in that it includes a chapter on relations between Holland and Scotland, a much neglected field in golf history. The and third edition have been augmented by a chapter on the earliest golf in the United States and by such historic facts as have been found since the first edition was published.

Extra informatie

Ondertitel Nee
Auteur Steven J.H. van Hengel
Uitgever Strengholt
ISBN/ EAN 906010725X
EAN 906010725X
Jaar 1990
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Hardcover
Druk 3
Illustraties Foto's en illustraties
Aantal Pagina's 76
Ondertitels Nee
Speelduur (min.) Nee