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Dave Pelz's Putting Bible

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Golf's foremost apostle from 100 yards in, Dave Pelz follows up the bestselling Short Game Bible.


Golf's foremost apostle from 100 yards in, Dave Pelz follows up the bestselling Short Game Bible--his essential testament on how to get on the green--with chapter and verse on what to do once you're finally there. The lower your handicap, the more of a religious experience it should be. While you don't have to be a rocket scientist to explain the forces at work in rolling a small, dimpled ball over changing terrain toward a cup that looks far too small for its purpose, Pelz was in fact a rocket scientist by trade. His approach is analytical, theoretical, mechanical, and systematic, brimming with graphs, charts, and illustrations. But don't let that scare you--for all the science, Pelz and the gospel he preaches are as inspiring as a good sermon and readily understandable regardless of your skill level. Yes, advanced players will no doubt be more intrigued with the depths Pelz plumbs, but high handicappers can draw solace from the quality of the supplicants who've sought his counsel--Lee Janzen, Annika Sorenstam, Steve Elkington, and Colin Montgomery, for starters--and proceed from there. Numbers, charts, and graphs aside, Pelz preaches good grip and stroke, proper reading of lines and distances, the importance of leaving a ball in the best location (that only seems obvious), and the need to identify your putting weaknesses, learn why they're your weaknesses, and address the proper fixes. "Never give up on putting well," Pelz stresses. By studying his bible and heeding his golden rules, you'll find yourself standing over those knee-rattling, downhill 4-footers with a lot more going for you than just a prayer.

Extra informatie

Ondertitel The complete guide to mastering the green
Auteur Dave Pelz
Uitgever Aurum Press
ISBN/ EAN 9781854107138
Jaar 2002
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Hardcover
Druk Nee
Illustraties Foto's en illustraties
Aantal Pagina's 395
Ondertitels Nee
Speelduur (min.) Nee